Hair Replacement for Men and Women

This procedure isn't surgical; it is non-invasive hair systems of high quality hair, customized to each individual's hair loss needs.  There are a wide range of reasons a person might choose this non-invasive form of hair replacement.  Those may range from male pattern baldness, to hormonal changes in hair structure, and many other health related disorders that affect the hair.  This service is not limited to any age person as these reasons or disorders affect people of any age or gender.  We can assure you we have a solution to suit your hair loss needs.  Our hair replacement professional, Phyllis, has worked in the hair replacement field for over 20 years.  She is very passionate about helping people meet their goals due to their hair related loss.

Is the consultation / service private?
Yes, there is an area provided for consultation.

What are my options when choosing a hair system?
Top of Head (for male pattern baldness), Hair Integration (for fine, thin hair), Partials (for smaller areas of beginning hair loss, or hormonal issues), Full Custom Hair Systems for complete hair loss.

How does it attach?
There are various methods for attachment, depending on lifestyle, maintenance, time and financial commitment.

Can I perform regular activities with confidence?

How long will the hair system last?
Depends on how well it is cared for at home.

Does it look natural?  Is it real human hair?  Can I shampoo it?  Blow-dry / Curl / Straighten it?
Yep!  Yep!  & Yep!  You can enjoy all aspects of real human hair.

Does it match my hair?  Will you color it?
Yep!  And lucky for you, Phyllis is a professional colorist as well!  She will order it as close as possible to your current / natural hair color and make any necessary adjustments when your hair system arrives.

What kind of maintenance schedule should I expect?
Depends on the type of system ordered, could be every 4 weeks or as often as you need your growing hair serviced.

What if I change my style?
Just do it!  As long as you are going shorter it's not a problem!  If you decide to grow your hair longer, we will need to adjust the length of the hair before ordering another hair system.  If you are dramatically changing the color, it's probably best to initially order as close to the desired result as possible and make subtle alterations vs. making drastic alterations to your present system.  We want to keep the integrity of the hair as good as possible.

How long will it take to get my system in after it's ordered?
Approx. 6-8 weeks.

How much of an investment can I expect?
1st consultation is always complimentary (no obligation at this time).  Your consultant will notify you with cost of system.  When you choose to order 1/2 of the total cost will be due.  When the system is delivered the remaining balance will be due.

The dollar amount will include 4 visits.  One (1) for ordering measurements, One (1) for coloring / cutting the system, One (1) for trial fitting and One (1) for a final fitting.  (Any service required for your growing hair; color, high-lighting, hair shaping, not included in pricing).  Note:  any necessary adjustments to the hair system are complimentary.

Pricing varies widely depending on the customization required for your system.  Every aspect we choose factors into the pricing.  Diameter of the necessary base size, desity of hair put in it, length of the hair, number of the hair systems needed, and the attaching method chosen.  Where a minimum figure might be $500 a maximum figure could run upwards of $1,500+.  I urge you to come in for a thorough evaluation of your specific needs and allow us to customize a system that would best suit you.  We could then give you a specific price on what you could expect to invest on looking your personal best.

What products do I have to use to maintain the hair system?
A sulfate free shampoo / conditioner.  We recommend our brand of Pureology Haircare Products.  A hair system is a big investment and you should consider using good professional grade products on it at all times.  People often try to save money by skimping on this but it is a BIG deal!  This is your maintenance schedule.  Professional grade haircare products are not an option.  You've invested in a top of the line hair system.  Maintaining it for the long haul means using the top quality products recommended to you.  These products are highly concentrated and will last a long time if you use them properly.  This will extend the life of your custom hair system.

Hopefully this information will be helpful when making a hair replacement decision.  To set up your complimentary consultation give us a call and schedule a time to meet with Phyllis, your hair replacement consultant.