Massage FAQ

Booking Your Massage
We offer traditional Swedish, Therapeutic, Pregnancy, and Sports massage.  Our receptionists will ask what type of massage you would like and whether you want 30 minutes or an hour.

Swedish Massage
This is the classic massage to address the aches and pains of everyday life.  Massage is a natural pain reliever.  Stress is stored in the soft tissues of the body.  Swedish massage is a relaxation massage comprised of gliding strokes, kneading strokes, and invigorating strokes.  Gentle stretching, deep pressure and warming strokes are also part of addressing the trigger points and often identifying areas that need focused attention.  Typically these areas are the neck and shoulders, low back, and hips.  Massage suppresses stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine which put your health at risk.  Swedish massage is beneficial to your whole system.

Therapeutic Massage
This massage offers relief from chronic tension and pain.  Muscles that are over-used or repetitively used often develop trigger points and tightness that respond well to regular, concentrated therapeutic massage.  Those who suffer from Fibromyalgia, those who work leaning over, lifting, standing, and sitting for long periods often develop trigger points and chronically tense muscle groups.  This massage relieves tension and restores balanced muscle usage.  People who like firmer pressure love therapeutic massage.

Pre-Natal Massage
Pregnancy is a wonderful time to get regular massage.  This gentle Swedish massage for expectant mothers is done in a side-lying position with supportive pillows for maximum relaxation.  The benefit of pre-natal massage is lower blood pressure and helps to ease common discomforts of lower back and hip pain.  Massage to the legs and feet help the body with blood flow and fluid retention.  Careful attention is given to avoid the ankles which are not to be massaged during pregnancy.  Pre-Natal massage is the perfect gift to give yourself or for the two-people-in-one that you love during this very special time.

Sports Massage
There are 3 types of sports massage:  Pre-event, Maintenance, Post-event.  Sports massage helps keep active bodies functioning at optimal performance.  It improves the efficiency of the body's cycle of flushing out soreness and inflammation, assisting the circulatory system as it replaces nutrients and oxygen.  Massage improves motor skills, balance and posture resutling in fewer injuries, faster recovery, and better performance.  Sports massage gives immediate relief to athletes who have tight, sore muscles due to training and overuse.  It also helps athletes avoid injuries and perform at the peak of their potential.

Pre-massage Interview & Preparation
Upon arrival for your first massage you will be asked to complete a pre-massage intake form.  This information allows you and the massage therapist to be in sync with your needs, pressure preferences and any specific requests regarding your massage.  The massage therapist will then exit the room to wash her hands and prepare for your massage.  You will undress to your comfort level (some people leave underwear on, some don't), an will get under the sheet on our big, warm, memory-foam padded massage table.

Your Massage Experience
Once you are tucked in, the massage therapist will knock and enter the room.  If nature calls during your massage (a common occurrence), we have a terry cloth robe for you to put on for your trip to the restroom (so you don't have to get fully dressed).  The massage therapist will check in with you periodically during the massage to ensure your comfort and satisfaction with the pressure.  Unless otherwise requested, your massage will address your muscles from head to toe face down (with hips covered).  Then you will be asked to roll over and your massage will continue from feet, legs and arms back to your shoulders, neck, temples and scalp (when face up, you will be covered under the armpits).  The 30 minute massage usually addresses either upper or lower body, but not both.  This allows plenty of time for your muscles to soften and relax as the massage therapist works to address your deeper knots and tension.  The sweet spot for massage pressure is a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.  There is such a thing as too much pressure.  Bruising and inflammation are not a part of a beneficial massage, nor is too little pressure.  You and your massage therapist will communicate and work at your sweet spot of pressure.  This can take an appointment or two to perfect, but we are pretty good, even on your first visit!

Massage is a health and wellness practice.  Most people have no idea that their bodies are storing and dealing with pressure and tension on a daily basis.  By the time we feel pain tingling in our arms or between our shoulder blades or in our low back, our bodies have absorbed hours of "fight or flight" stress.  We've set our prices to market value with built in discounts for regular and more frequent appointments.  This benefits the client and the massage therapist by allowing for the full benefit of regular massage and a knowledgeable relationship between client and therapist.