Waxing FAQ

If you are planning a bikini or Brazilian service, avoid scheduling the appointment near your menstrual cycle, your skin will be more tender and the treatment will be more painful at that time.  Not everyone requires pain relief, but different types of hair removal tend to be more painful than others, based on the amount of hair removed and how it is taken out.  Different areas of the body also have a higher tolerance for pain.  Generally speaking, the upper lip, eyebrows, bikini area and underarms are the most sensitive and pain relief might be necessary in these areas.  Legs, arms and chin are somewhat less painful, though pain tolerances vary widely.

The ideal hair length is 1/4 - 1/2 inch long for best results when waxing.  For bikini or Brazilian wax services you can trim excessive hair to make it easier and perhaps, less painful.

Before You Wax

Exfoliate - Do this before and after your wax.  Just use a loofah rather than anything harsh.  This prevents ingrown hairs and generally makes the hair removal process a bit easier.

Trim - Trim your hair down to 3/4 in length.

Control pain - About 30 to 45 minutes before arriving at the salon, take Tylenol, Advil or Aspirin.

Numb - You can purchase numbing cream to apply before your appointment.  We offer a 4% lidocaine cream, Plumb Numb.

The Process

Once you've exfoliated, trimmed, taken an your pain reliever and maybe even applied numbing cream to the area, it's time to get down to business.  Scared?  Don't be!  If you've done your research and found a location with a great reputation, there's no need to fret.  Not only will your wax be as pain-free as possible, but you can also take comfort in the fact that these gals have seen everything before.  There's no need to be self-conscious.

If you're using Retinol products, you need to skip the wax for the time being due to increased sensitivity from the medications.  Accutane is another drug that's best to finish taking before attempting a bikini wax.

If you have a sexually transmitted disease, you will not be able to have a bikini wax at most spas or salons.

Sunburn down there?  You'll have to wait until it heals.  The sunburned skin is already fragile and sensitive; a wax on top of that could prove to be one of the most excruciating things you've ever experienced.

The Benefits

  • *Waxing results can last much longer than shaving results
  • *No shaving bumps (but be advised that you may still get red bumps)
  • *A cleaner look and feel than shaving